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lick it up baby
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Friday, October 17th, 2003
5:58 pm
Today I got horney in my office. I rubbed myself under my desk. I wanted to be seen and helped, but then agian I did not. I came and went to lunch.

Ate lunch at a strip club where my room mate works. Was offered a job, and bought a lap dance. The girl put her knee up my skirt. Soon realized I was warm and wet. I got her phone number and we are going out Saturday night. She is submissive, so I plan on humping her face for a few hours. She is a hot barbie type but not my type. She seems slow, horney, stupid, and easy to use and throw away. So I guess she is my type. I might call Dave (a guy I fuck from time to time) see if he wants to fuck her with me. So look forward to a great story soon.
Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
5:27 pm
2 guys, boots, public, rating 6.8
LOCATION : Shoe store North Point Mall up 400
DRESSED : I wore a short black dress, boots thigh highs and no panties.
I saw 2 cute guys working and talking in a shoe store. I decide to sit on the bench in front of the store. reading a mall directory and letting my legs open slowly. I kept peeking out from my bangs to see if they noticed. OH yeah they noticed. My cell phone rings. It was my friend asking for a phone number to my dentist, I give it and try to chat with her so I can sit back and open my legs more. I tease and had to hang up. I look straight at the guys they look away real quick and pretend to be chatting about the front display. I look at my mall paper and get the number to the store in the directory. I call. They argue over who should stop looking and who should answer the phone. Well finally the tall guy lost and had to answer. He answers in an annoyed voice with the store's name and location. I ask " you like what you see?" he answered with "excuse me" I say " you like looking up my skirt?" ah ah ah ah yes ma'am. "wanna closer look?" he said in a sure tone, "come in and try one some shoes"
I hit END and walk in. no one would say the first word. I pick up a boot and say "do you have these in 9.5's? ". Phone boy runs back and grabs them. I sit down and slid off my boots. "can you help me?" Phone boy gets on one knee to help slide on the new boot. They are just below the knee and when he zipped it up I took his hand and put it on my dripping wet pussy. I saw a rise in his tan pants. The other guy came around and just about shit when he saw what was going on. I asked him to put on my other boot. He fell to both knees and got the same treatment. The short guy knew what he was doing and tall boy was just trying not to blow a wad in his pants. My pussy gets rubbed and then tall guy sticks a finger in, while shortie rubs my clit. I cum in about 3 minutes. Shortie got me off just 10 seconds before another customer came in. The new customer had a weird look to him. Like as if he knew what what was going on. I asked for a tissue, I went behind the display and wiped my wetness and tall boy bagged up my boots. I did not like the boots and had no intention on taking them home, but oh well free boots.

want more? this is the only open post, all others will be FRIENDS ONLY

Current Mood: amused
4:50 pm
lick it before you stick it
This is my friends only perv journal. It is all about my pussy, fetishes, sex, fingering, and perverted shit I do in public. I like to show off, I like to get off, and I get off on showing off. Anyone can read..as long as you are over 18 and have an open mind. If you add me leave a comment so I know to add ya back.
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